So… I wanted to test the theory of what I’d do if ever separated from my high powered food prep equipment and all the things I use (and tend to take for granted) whilst making my no bake dessert… 😱

…Cake pans with removable bases, plastic spatulas, whisks, measuring spoons/cups etc… ah, you get the picture 🥄🥣😉

So, armed with only the basics I set my kitchen scene… some spoons 🥄 a few small bowls, a large mixing bowl, a standard mug and a potato masher… things generally accessible in most kitchens, …and with a little extra elbow 💪🏻 grease and a stretch of the imagination…

… these BLISS BALLS were born

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These scrumptious 😋 ‘protein packed’ 🍫 choc 🥥 coconut coated treats were achieved using only the above mentioned utensils 🥄 they went down a treat with my fiancé’s work team!! … many orders flew out the door indeed 🤤

As today’s post is about what ‘can be achieved with basic equipment’, I won’t be sharing the recipes 👩🏼‍🍳 unless of course, I receive enough requests in the comments section! … i may then be persuaded 😛

…Putting a NO BAKE DESSERT cake🎂 to the test….

Armed with a new respect for basic and minimal utensils I felt an urge to take a crack at an ice cream cake! 🍦🎂 the pink layer (dragon fruit, fresh fig and lime) I did use my basic blender (cost around $30) I set the cakes in reusable containers instead of using cake pans

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… so with a little more elbow grease and some pretty cool improvisation, an ice cream 🎂 was born! Which I created a few different ways just to push myself a little 😂😊

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So after putting this theory to the test, (in my personal opinion) yes you most certainly can make delicious 😋 no bake desserts without a whole lot of instruments and fandangled equipment  (although high powered kitchen helpers sure do make things more efficient) it can be achieved with the basics!

So not only have I come away from my recent kitchen experiment with a refreshed appreciation for my many kitchen gadgets 🙇‍♀️ , I have discovered that I will be able to whip up something special when I may next find myself away from all my kitchen comforts

…so off you go! to your kitchen and temporarily tame down the appliances and your utensils …and I’d love to know what you come up with… 🤔

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Till we Tr’EAT again folks 😉🤤😁💗

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